Election Year 2012!

These times they are a changing! As America's two political parties prepare for a showdown between a seated president and his contender (whoever that may be), America faces a number of challenges... all of which require difficult choices and many agonizing decisions. Whatever the challenges, whatever the choices, and whatever the decisions now, more than ever, Americans need to greater sense of unity. Into this mix many Americans will turn to our traditions and heritage to answer questions and resolve dilemmas... and if we are wise and mindful, these traditions and heritage can assist us, just as they did for earlier generations of Americans.

If as careful critics note that America is tracking in two ideologically independent directions, one toward liberal-progressive solutions and the other toward conservative solutions, this election year shall reveal these opposing directions in terms that may match the divisions between North and South in the 1820s to 1860s, divisions that led to a bloody civil war.

As voters vet their candidates and as candidates pronounce their "platforms"... all Americans should be reminded what intractable divisions can mean and do lead to... Unity if such a thing is possible must be founded on a set of common-core principles that Americans share, hold, and practice... values that supercede political-cultural-social-racial-sexual-gender differences.

Heritage Education is devoted to studying and researching America's founding principles, principles that belong to every American, principles that are essentinal elements of our founding legacy, a heritage that belongs to every American citizen.

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